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Action Plan

In order to realize the above mentioned goals we have incorporated the following policies in our action plan:

1. A minimal investment of at least 90% towards advocacy surrounding issues of specific interest to female victims of human trafficking (especially forced prostitution);

2. Obtaining funding from sources interested in ensuring that victims of forced prostitution can gain maximum benefit from one-off grants, gifts and financial stipends. With a focus on The Hague region, concentrated spiritual, legal and financial aid will allow for better and more permanent housing (expected to be secured by 2018) of former victims of forced prostitution;

3. The Board Members of this Foundation do not receive financial remuneration for their labor;

4. Volunteers at the Foundation also do not receive financial compensation for their work, but they are reimbursed for expenses incurred therein;

5. Any surplus in proceeds from the Foundation’s activities will be donated to a charity with similar (ANBI) objectives;

6. At the end of each Financial Year, the Foundation’s Treasurer will – within a period of 3 months – publish annual statements (including a Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Account and Profit & Loss Statement) specifying what activities the Foundation undertook during the previous Financial year;

7. In 2014, our budgetary framework for the years 2014-2018 will also be published as part of our 2014-2018 action plan.