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Perhaps you have ever wondered whether human trafficking occurs in The Netherlands.

Unfortunately, it often happens that girls and women are forced into prostitution. This is coupled with aggression, violence, deceit and exploitation. And it doesn’t only involve foreign women and girls, who are misled by a pimp into working as prostitutes in this country. But, also girls and women who are born and raised here can be forced into this line of work by a ‘loverboy’. In such a case, these circumstances do not negate that we are possibly dealing with a victim of human trafficking.

How can we help these victims of human trafficking?

We cannot ignore human trafficking. As a society, one of our highest values is ensuring the safety of its people. We cannot – and should not – allow girls and women to be violently victimized and sold like livestock. Furthermore, we should never accept that simply because people are from less-developed countries than ours, it is alright to exploit them and make or allow them to work under disgraceful conditions.

Stichting Zonder Pardon Op Straat (The Foundation Zonder Pardon Op Straat) help women and girls who have become victims of forced prostitution (Regardless of age, nationality and irrespective of whether they have legal documents to live here, etc). We provide legal advice, financial aid, spiritual care, mental rehabilitation and other support. Take a look at our services and please submit your request.